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Bluelines Design works closely with the client to establish a budget and scope of work, and the design that follows. Working in a boutique style and tailoring the project to each client, residential design can be accomplished with personal attention and reasonable fees. By requesting a free consultation, you can ensure a smooth and efficient project with minimal stress that will meet with your style of living and financial goals. During a 1 hour consultation, we can set out the scope of work, and offer a proposal within the week.


The Design Professional is the individual primarily responsible for the project development and preparation for construction. Although part of a team including engineers, energy consultants, and the contractor, it is the Designer who will guide you through the process. The designer can help you with selecting contractors, bid negotiation, and issues that may arise during construction.

Our Complete Process

Design & Development Phase


What Happens? There will be a free one hour consultation to review scope of project & budget to ensure a smooth and efficient project. Bluelines Design: Provides ideas based on the space and knowledge of local codes. Homeowner: Describe ideas.


What Happens? Verify the client’s objectives in conjunction with budget, timeline & code requirements. We establish the scope of work based on these parameters. Bluelines Design: Delivers as-built drawings including current site plan & floor plan. Homeowner: Join us for a 2+ hour in-person meeting with the client to develop the preliminary design.

Schematic Design

What Happens? Open collaboration with the client and consultants, produce sketches showing different options, until the client approves the design. Bluelines Design: Deliver preliminary design sketch. Homeowner: Confidence in which schematic to move forward with (significant changes in design after this stage will impact design schedule and cost).

Design Development [DDS]

What Happens? Development of one design. Coordinate with the planning department to obtain the approval required. Bluelines Design: Technical drawings including site plan, floor plan, roof plan, exterior elevations & area calculations as appropriate are produced. Proceed to design review. Homeowner: This is when you will approve the design. Separate contracts for services that may be required are soil reports, structural engineer and energy package (Title 24 and Calgreen). * Invoice for design development phase (Hourly design rate). Consider estimates for general contractors.

Construction Documents Phase

Construction Documents [CDS]

What Happens? Drawings for permit, construction bid and construction. Bluelines Design: Deliver plan sets including architectural and structural. Homeowner: Manage contractor bidding (This may be handled by Bluelines Design as an extra service) and general contractor selection.

Building Permit

What Happens? Coordinate with building department to obtain the building permit. Bluelines Design: Respond to building department until permit approval is granted. Homeowner: Sign GC contract & schedule construction. Relocate for period of construction.