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I work with families to create a flexible home that grows as you do. I’ve been doing exactly this in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years. Not everyone enjoys their environments as much as I do, but that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate what I can do with that environment to improve it aesthetically and functionally. As home is our place of haven, family, entertaining and puttering. I think it is well worth the effort to maximize the home’s potential.

As it is also a significant financial investment, the remodel is best considered with a professional to be sure your money is well spent, and your budget is met.

I consider several things when I start to work with a new home and family. Each family has a unique style and interests, but the spaces created should adapt to growth, life changes, and resale.

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We demolished most of our 3BR 2BA house and built a new 5BR 3 1/2BA home that incorporated elements of the original house. Debra was key to the success of our project. We began working with another designer with which we never were able to see eye-to-eye. When we met Debra we were impressed by her focus, her down-to-earth demeanor, and very straightforward approach to consulting with us and designing. Perhaps her best quality was her ability to “mediate” discussions between the two of us (husband and wife) when we needed to talk through our different ideas. Our design was not simple because we needed to bring in an existing design aspect of a room that we preserved from the original house. Debra came up with a way to pull that original design aspect into the entire house. We were very impressed with what she designed. Debra continued to add value during the project. She was always available to talk and be on-site, consulted regularly with the contractor and sub-contractors, and helped drive “game-time” decisions that needed to be made on-the-spot. She was extremely familiar with our city’s people and processes so she was able to obtain approval for designs and documents with little delay. Finally, her rapport with our contractor was excellent and contributed to the overall success of our project. We love our new house.

Joshua S.

Home Owner

Debra has done two home remodels for me, one a landscaping design and the other a free-standing cottage. Her work is creative and excellent and she meets all deadlines. Her fees are reasonable. Also, she is a good listener, meaning she understands both her clients and is skilled at obtaining the necessary permits. I give Debra a strong recommendation.

Mike G.

Home Owner

We are so grateful to have found Debra! She has been wonderful to work with. We started our project with another designer and switched to Debra due to some challenges we experienced. Debra looked at our project with fresh eyes and immediately thought of possible solutions. She is a problem solver with creative ideas and great listening skills. Debra understands what current families need, and gives helpful advice. Her knowledge of and experience with the remodeling process has been invaluable. We are thrilled with our drawings, and cannot wait for the house to be built!

Jennifer M.

Home Owner

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Contact me for a complimentary consultation. In an hours time we can tour your property and discuss your building options. I will educate you to the process, and offer a proposal for services within the week. We will take your suggestions and guide you to a new and exciting solution.

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